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If you are searching for KTU S6 IT (Information Tehnology) Model Question Papers, here it is. We have added the model papers for the subjects in PDF formats. You can download to use it anytime.

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You can use this model question paper to practice for your upcoming class tests or university exams to score good marks. Also, these are not solved papers and you have to find answers yourself which helps you to learn well.

KTU S6 IT (Information Technology) Model Question Papers

SubjectDownload Link
IT302 Internet TechnologyDownload
CS304 Compiler DesignDownload
IT304 Data Warehousing & MiningDownload
HS300 Principles of ManagementDownload
IT364 Software Project Management[Elective]Download
IT366 Advanced DBMS[Elective]Download

Syllabus: KTU S6 BTech – Information Technology (IT302)


Introduction to Computers and the Internet- Web Basics, Introduction to HTML5 – W3C HTML5 Validation Service, Headings, Linking, Images, Special Characters and Horizontal Rules, Lists, Tables, Forms, Internal Linking, meta elements, New HTML5 Form input Types, input and data list elements and autocomplete Attribute, Page-Structure Elements.


Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets -Inline Styles, Embedded Style Sheets, Conflicting Styles, Linking External Style Sheets, Positioning Elements – Absolute Positioning, z-index, Relative Positioning, span, Backgrounds, Element Dimensions, Box Model and Text Flow, Media Types, Drop-Down Menus



JavaScript: Introduction to Scripting – Control Statements – if Selection Statement, if…else Selection Statement, while Repetition Statement, for Repetition Statement, switch Multiple-Selection Statement, do…while Repetition Statement, break and continue Statements, JavaScript: Functions- Function Definitions, Random Number Generation, JavaScript Global Functions, JavaScript: Arrays – Declaring, Allocating and Using Arrays, Passing Arrays to Functions, Sorting Arrays with sort, Searching Arrays with index Of, JavaScript: Objects: Math, String, Date, Boolean and Number, document Object.


Document Object Model (DOM): Modeling a Document: DOM Nodes and Trees, Traversing and Modifying a DOM Tree, DOM Collections, Dynamic Styles, Using a Timer and Dynamic Styles to Create Animated Effects, JavaScript Event Handling: load Event, Event mouse move and the event Object, Form Processing with focus and blur, submit and reset, Event Bubbling


XML: Introduction, XML Basics, Structuring Data, XML Namespaces, Document Type Definitions (DTDs), W3C XML Schema Documents, XML Vocabularies: MathML, Extensible Style sheet Language and XSL Transformations, Document Object Model (DOM). Ajax-Enabled Rich Internet Applications with XML and JSON: Introduction, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with Ajax, Using XML and the DOM , Creating a Full-Scale Ajax-Enabled Application

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